Apr 18, 2013

State of the Garden

I planted two rows of three types of lettuce in February. Last weekend I planted two more rows of each and they have just started sprouting. These are not pictured here.

I had ordered some transplants from seedsavers.org. Some of them are not doing so well now. In fact, I think I've lost at least two. But oh well. The rest are doing okay.  This picture was taken right after I unpacked them last Wednesday.

Peas are doing well.

The one bed that looks inhabited. I moved my rosemary bush there as it had outgrown yet another pot. I also planted two new sweet pepper plants and another rosemary plant. It's nice to see plants in the garden.

Carrots. These take a really long time to germinate. I planted them several weeks ago and they are finally showing some progress.

I have a ton of cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil in smaller pots waiting to be transplanted to the garden when ready. Looking forward to seeing the garden get put together.

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