Apr 25, 2013

5th Anniversary

Somehow it's been 5 years since we've walked down the aisle. I cannot believe it. Seriously. It feels like its been maybe 2-3 years. Tops. How has it already been 5 years?

To celebrate this year we kept it pretty low key. No presents. We are going to the beach next week and kind of consider it a gift to the both of us. That didn't stop us from having some stellar meals though.

Bryan picked me up at work and took me to Owen Brennan's for lunch. We had been there for various brunches or luncheons with fixed menus, but never for just a regular meal. I ate far too much bread, but everything was delicious.

I got to leave work a little early to meet with someone for TJNA. That meeting finished early so we went to Bosco's for a beer. It has been a while since we have been able to do our former Friday afternoon tradition. We finished up our beers and went home to change.

We took a few selfies.

Bryan had made reservations at Iris Restaurant! I have only been wanting to go there for, oh the last 5 years!

We were brought this fancy little hushpuppy to start. I think he mentioned something about halibut.

To start I ordered the bone marrow. I had heard good things and wanted to order something out of my comfort zone. It paid off. Big time. One of the most delicious things I've put in my mouth.

Bryan ordered some sort of duck to start but in my excitement over bone marrow I forgot to photograph.

Bryan ordered the veal as his entree.

I ordered the scallops, which were also really wonderful. Bryan later said that I won at ordering.

Bryan did buy me some beautiful lilies as well.

Overall, a great way to celebrate 5 years together. Looking to 5 great more!

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