Feb 26, 2013

Autozone Park with LuniTECTs

Last week Mom, Dad, and I toured Autozone Park with AIA LuniTECTs. We toured the FedEx Forum last year and I loved the behind scenes look we got at the building. While maybe not the most architectually interesting building, it's cool to get a different look at a building we see at a different time of year when its vastly different.

Underground they have a practice swing area. Not sure what its officially called, but this is the only minor league team with an underground batting cage.

We also got to go in the dugout. It was pretty cool seeing what the player see, leaning on the rail, and walking out to the field. Yes I touched the field.

Then we went upstairs into the media room. This is the organ they play during the games. Fun fact: the guy who normally plays the organ is a FedEx pilot.

Then we toured a few of the suites.

This is one that was decorated like a Mississippi Delta Juke Joint. On the other wall they had several tables with red and white checked table clothes and miscellaneous delta art. I could totally enjoy a cold one in there.

We didn't make it to a Redbirds game last year, but this tour definitely made me want to go to a few games this spring.

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