Feb 16, 2013

Saturday Morning links

I'll have a Valentines and Pasta Italia recap in a few days, but I thought this Saturday, instead of ranting about to-do lists I'd post some fun things that we loved and/or talked about this week. Basically it's me clearing out my Reader Starred Items and posting our favorite You Tube videos of the week. This might become a regular feature.

1) Tom Hanks
Article A: Full House Poetry Slam

Article B: Toddlers and Tiaras

Bryan is particularly obsessed with the first one. I can't say that I blame him.

2) Julia Child. I know, it's soooo 2009. But whateves. I started reading Dearie a biography on Julia Child and I'm re-obsessed. New food motto: Would Julia Child consider it food? If not, you probably shouldn't eat it. I wonder how she felt about pop tarts?

3) This had me in tears:

Also, Bryan and I need a bike like that.

4) I wish my front yard looked exactly like this.

The rest of the house is pretty amazing too. I love a good before and after.

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