Mar 2, 2013

Weekly Links

3 weeks in a row! Here's this week's edition:

1. Email Etiquette. When someone starts a new job, or every 10 years, I think everyone needs to go through a modern etiquette class. Seriously. This is so important, people.

2. I'll be making one of these some time in the near future.

3. Bookmarking this for future reference: When to Quit Your Job. One point that struck me was if you wanted your bosses job. If not, maybe you aren't in the right job.

4. Love this idea of buying land with friends and building similar cabins. I don't care for the plywood interiors, but I'm sure it was cost effective.

5. Speaking of cabins, I'd like to go to these.

6. Skills: many ways to tie a scarf. 

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