Jan 4, 2013

New Years Organization

Every year about this time I get the extreme urge to clean and organize everything in my life. Maybe it's because the holiday season is so crazy and jumbled that afterwards I want to make everything orderly. I've found that the last few years its the same.
Last year I bought cleaning supplies for the entire year (we still have plenty and haven't even touched some of it yet!). This year I want to take EVERYTHING out of its storage places and re-organize and clean out.
Bryan, prepare yourself for the most crazy, OCD organize fest you've ever seen. I've set my sights on the laundry room cabinets, the pantry, all the drawers in my closet and some of the office, all the kitchen and dining room cabinets. Finally, if I still have energy, I'm going to tackle the bookcase which has gotten totally out of hand. We have a book problem.
I've been doing some organizing on the small scale as well. This is the second year that I've put my cleaning scheule on my Google Calendar Task lists. I've spent several days making tasks for the rest of the year. (It's well over 360 tasks, oops.) I've also spent time putting things like the books I want to read in one organized list instead of 3 different places with no particular method to the madness.
Last night I backed up music and photographs. I've also completed my 2012 Project 365 photobook. Still need to put the finishing touches on the 2012 general book, but it's close too.
Anyways, so I thought I'd confess my weird cravings. This weekend I hope to tackle some of the laundry room cabinets and put away our Christmas decorations.

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