Jan 8, 2013

Home shopping

As we were putting away our Christmas stuff I didn't want to put everything away in the exact same place. So I put everything I would put back on the dining room table. Then I went around and gathered more from various places in the house. I took this opportunity to do some dusting. It was much needed.

Then I started working on new displays. The one over the tv cabinet is my favorite.

Since we were tearing apart the house I decided it was a good idea to straighten up the bookcase. We filled one box of books to give away and then I took every last book off, organized, dusted and reassembled. Last bookcase re-do I opted for look over function. This version is more organized by genre. Gardening is together, fiction together, historical stuff together, etc.

There is even room for a few more!

Sure, it's not the prettiest or the best styled. But it holds our books and that is what matters at this point.

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