Dec 16, 2012

Christmas Season

Well friends, we are deep into the Christmas season and the busy-ness is exhausting. Wonderful, yet exhausting.

A few weeks ago - before the busy-ness of it all settled in - I made a list of all the fun Christmasy things that I wanted to do. My plan was to one thing a day with the exception of our birthdays. It's totally unrealistic on so many levels, but I still do want to accomplish some of them. And what better way to make sure I do them all than to pronounce it publicly?! So here we go! (The one's crossed off are the ones we've already completed.)

Buy and decorate a tree
Have hot chocolate
Go Caroling
Attend a holiday party
Wear our Christmas best
Christmas Vacation dinner
Wrap presents
Make presents
Decorate Neighborhood sign
Use the Christmas china

Send Christmas cards
Drive around and look at lights
Wear our Christmas jammies
Make a hotty toddy
Read the birth story
Eat pie for a meal
Starry Nights
Movies to watch: Home Alone, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, Mixed Nuts

What are you doing to celebrate the Christmas season?

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