Aug 7, 2012

Garden - nearly there

The last week of July Bryan worked really really really really hard on getting the garden ready for planting. I had started some seeds a few weeks back and it was time to start planting.

I'm so proud of Bryan for kicking some butt in the backyard. Saturday morning I was able to start planting as he put some finishing touches on it.

This was a week ago and its already amazing to see how much some of the plants have grown. Specifically the cucumbers and okra. The broccoli is thriving in their new space as well.

I also decided to move most of my herbs to the backyard. It just made sense having to water everything in one location. The only things that did not move were the lime trees and the tomatoes. Tomatoes will be planted in the garden next year.

Still left to do:
- Find a matching rock or stepping stones to fill in the rest of the pathways.
- Plant lettuce in the empty triangular bed.
- Clear the wild flowers and plant winter squash.
- Move into phase two: moving and planting new shrubs.

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