Jun 15, 2012

Vacation: What we learned

Uploading pictures is taking much much longer than usual. (My computer is having issues and I'm using an alternate computer and upload method currently.) So next week I'll have a recap of the trip. But until then, there are a few things that we learned on this trip that I don't want to forget for future vacation planning.

1) Schedule rest times. Being on our feet and walking for 5 days straight was beyond exhausting.

2) Leisurely meals are a good thing. One day in DC we were both hot and I was tired and grumpy. We went to lunch and probably stayed for two hours. Taking our time, perusing menus and chatting with the waitress, eating several courses. It was a good break in the day and we had a great meal.

3) Be open minded. Bryan suggested we rent bikes in DC. I wasn't too excited about it, but went along with it. It ended up being my favorite thing in DC. Another example in Charlottesville were the vineyards. Bryan and I are beer people, but Charlottesville has a ton of vineyards and we visited several. I totally loved it and am now drinking wine at home.

4) Break up trips in different ways. One of the things we both enjoyed about this trip was the different sections. We loved being in Norfolk and hanging out with family and friends, but we also loved getting away and having a few days to ourselves. This prevents people getting tired of each other and gives everyone something to talk about when you get back together.

5) Sometimes the tense moments can provides laughs after the fact. One morning we had a coffee situation. My cup was leaking and spilled all over me. Since neither of us had gotten to drink very much coffee we were not fit to deal with such happenings. A few tense minutes has provided lots of laugh afterwards. And taught us a valuable lesson....

6) Don't do too much or have to go to great lengths to get coffee in the morning. Duh.

Here's another list from the trip:

Things Bryan was right about and Rachel was wrong about:
- Bike rentals
- Seeing UVA campus
- Taking lids off coffee cups

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