Jun 18, 2012


Today I planted to post a picture of my first harvest! Friday I picked 3 cherry tomatoes off a plant our neighbor had given us. On Saturday I picked another one. I took a picture, but I can't post it because I'm over my limit in Picasa.

I'd upgrade, but my debit card number was stolen, so I'm without funds for a week. FUN! So no pictures and no anything-that-requires-money.

So quick weekend recap:
Friday: Overton Square Block Party was a blast. Loved seeing the neighborhood alive and see/hear some good music.

Saturday: We made significant progress in the back. Monkey grass is almost gone, rails are up, and rocks are nearly 75% collected. We borrowed a tiller so we can till the garden area soon.... as soon as I finish collecting rocks. For our evening entertainment we bought some Gus' fried chicken and enjoyed Chicago at the Botanic Garden. Love this summer series.

Sunday: After church I had lunch at my parents house and then we had dinner with Bryan's family as we celerbated our fathers.

This week I hope will be less dramatic than its beginning so far. If I have time today I'll work on vacation recap posts.

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