Jan 29, 2012

Productive Weekend

It feels like we've had an extremely productive weekend without busting out butts.

- undecorated the Christmas tree and took it to the curb
- packed up all the remaining Christmas decorations and put away in the attic
- Vacuumed the whole house
- 3 loads laundry
- went through 2 boxes of cookbooks
- re-organized cookbook book case
- cleaned out the fridge
- planted a pumpkin
- swept the front porch
- took out the leaf of the dining room table and set with new placemats and tablecloth
- reorganized the kitchen cabinets (getting rid of some things, adding new to us things)
- made a stew
- spent time with both of our families
- helped my grandmother
- cleaned out, cleaned, and organized the bar
- finished our first keg in the kegerator
- made 3 trips to the attic
among other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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