Jan 5, 2012

Favorite 2011 Memories

Before moving forward I want to look back and remember a few of my favorite memories from 2011.

1. Seeing Arcade Fire live. It was awesome.

2. New Orleans... okay, so this is actually 3 trips and a thousand memories. But we really fell in love with New Orleans and hope to make it a bigger part of our lives in the future.

3. Related to #2 getting upgraded to a suite on our last trip to New Orleans. It was so sweet of the customer service lady to upgrade us for free on my birthday. We seriously felt like Pretty Woman going from this random guys house in a bad neighborhood to the nicest room in one of the nicest hotels.

4. Delta Roadtrip. A surprise one night getaway trip to Greenville, MS proved how restful one night in the country can be. I loved our little cabin and hope we can get away from it all some more.

5. Beach trip. This was the longest trip Bryan and I have taken together and it was awesome to just spend a whole week relaxing together with no agenda.

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