Jan 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions

1. Read more.

2. Find a way to save more money. I've already done this. I decided that we should get a kegerator. We can save around $80 a month buying a keg instead of bottled beer.

3. Start saving for a kitchen reno. When we bought our house three years ago I said I wanted to update the kitchen in the first five. Its almost time. It won't be a complete overhaul, just tearing out the backsplash, changing countertops and possibly changing the flooring in the kitchen and laundry room. Fortunately for us the appliances are all new-ish and in great shape.

4. Exercise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know, right? Actually we just got Just Dance for our Wii and it is quite the little work out.

5. Find a way to catalog or document what I cook. So many times I forget to print out or save a recipe I make and then months later I'm wondering what the delicious dish was and where I found it. I also forget to write down modifications I make which makes it harder to duplicate.

6. Stop eating at the same two or three restaurants all the time.

7. Write more letters.

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