Dec 22, 2011

Life List: Barbecued Shrimp!

I have a life list. Its ever evolving and definitely not definitive. But I like the idea of listing a few experiences I want to have in my life in the hopes that it would spur me on to actually do them.

I checked off the first thing a few weeks ago, granted it is probably the easiest one one the list, but still.

It all started in February when we went to New Orleans. I requested restaruant recommendations on my Facebook wall. Barbecued Shrimp at Pascale Manale's was mentioned by more than one person. I didn't take it too seriously, but ended up getting barbecued shrimp at another place on that trip. I was so smitten with the barbecued shrimp I had to try the original.

So on our June/July trip I knew I had to make a trip to Pascale Manale's. Due to some misinformation all I got was 10 minutes sitting on their front steps sulking. No dice. The worst part is that I had saved it as my last meal before we left town.

On our last trip a couple of weeks ago I made sure that we finally had our barbecued shrimp at Pascale Manale's.

It happened. I wore the bib. Got messy. Dipped my bread.

They were delicious, although not as good as my first barbcued shrimp. I wasn't disappointed, but more relieved that now I know.

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