Apr 13, 2015

Garden Update

Happy Monday! 

This weekend I was able to work on herbs and potatoes. 

Last year I had several hearty herbs in the cinder block holes. I love how they are functional, especially since they aren't much to look at. The cinder blocks, not the herbs. Currently the strawberry, oregano, and sage are flourishing. A thyme and mint are doing well. It looks like my apple mint, cilantro and parsley are coming back! This makes me particularly happy. Last year was the first year I had success with parsley. It thrived until December. 

On Saturday I added some fresh dirt to some of the empty holes and planted parsley, mint and dill seeds. I'm looking forward to more herbs this year. 

It was also potato time. 

I had cut them the other day. They looked really shriveled. I don't remember them looking this sad last year. 

I planted Desiree and La Ratte varieties in a bed and also the buckets I used last year. 

We'll see how they turn out. I'm not putting too many eggs in the potato basket if you know what I mean. 

Here's a glimpse of my garlic sprouts. These make me happy. I love seeing something grow. Carrots are sprouting but it's hard to tell unless your face is about one foot away from them. 

So that's what's happening in the garden. 

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