Nov 2, 2012

Life without a bathroom

So we went 9 days without a working shower in the house. Yeah, it was not fun. My hygene was questionable at best. You start to really question your whole routine when you have to use the kitchen sink.

We were really fortunate in that we got to still use the toilet through the whole bathroom remodel. Really fortunate. I can't even imagine what we would have had to do without it.

My first attempt at showering without the shower was interesting. I figured we could just go to Rhodes and shower at the gym. I sort of forgot what college showers were like. Although I swear the shower stalls in the Rhodes girl's locker room was smaller than the showers at MC. Seriously. I've never seen a shower so narrow and without a shelf or anything to put your shower supplies!

After about 5 minutes of hoping and praying there was hot water I decided to give up and just take a cold shower. About 1 minute into the cold shower where I had decided to just rinse off basically the water decided to get scalding hot. Fun! I fiddled with the knob some and got it to a more tolerable temperature. Then I decided since it was tolerable I should just really commit already and wash my hair. I really shouldn't have done that as the water was really just 5 streams of trickling water.

It was one of the top 5 worst showers of my life.

I showered several times at my parents house which was worth the drive, but sort of a night killer.

There were other attempts at keeping clean, but its not worth mentioning. The highlight was getting a haircut and using that as an excuse to not shower for several days in a row.

Alas, we have a beautiful and functioning shower now so any questionable cleanliness is a direct result of pure laziness.

So this November 2nd I am thankful for running water and bathrooms. They are a glorious, wonderful thing.

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