May 1, 2011

A Gardening Lesson

Somehow my patio garden has gotten out of control this year. I intended to bring in a few additional herbs to the ones I had last year, but I've had to go out and buy additional pots TWICE this year.

In fact, the patio garden has extended to our new garden cart.

We purchased an antique cotton cart from a friend a few months ago. We originally intended to use it as a coffee or side table on the back patio. Bosco decided it was fun to chew the wood, so we decided to move it to the side driveway to keep it safe. Its the perfect potting table and place to keep yard supplies, as we do not have our outdoor storage yet. (Bryan, I am looking at you!)

One of the main lessons I've learned this year is that it is necessary to have holes in the bottom of pots to drain the excess water. And with the weather we've been having lately, excess water is not a good problem to have.

Two of the new pots did not have holes in the bottom and water has been standing in them lately. I had a tomato planted in one and it drowned. (Don't worry, I have four other varities that survived... so far.) I asked Bryan to make holes in the bottom before we lost any more plants.

He wasn't sure how to achieve this as one of the pots already had a thriving plant planted in it. But he came up with an ingenious solution.

He nailed a nail in an extra piece of wood.

Place the nail, nail side up. (Check out the garden cart.)

Push the bottom of the pot down onto the nail. We had plastic pots that needed holes, so its fairly easy.

Watch it drain!

This is a third of the herbs. I have a problem.

Come July I'm going to be cursing myself.

Bosco was not amused or impressed.

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