May 30, 2011

Bookcase Redux

When we bought our house we bought a bookcase (from the Pottery Barn Outlet). We enjoy reading. And I, specifically, like to collect books. Bryan doesn't like to hang onto them as much as I do, so I take full responsibility.

I semi-arranged the bookcase when we moved in and haven't really touched it since. But in the last year it sort of got out of control. I blame Burke's Books.

Not very attractive. The bookcase is in our "entry room", which obviously is not very welcoming.

Like a crazy person, I took everything off, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

Somewhat of a blank slate. I moved the speakers up to the top. (That other thing on the very top is a handmade award from a race Bryan won. Its actually kinda cute.)

Two hours later, we have something that is halfway presentable!

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