Mar 14, 2011

Thinking about gardening

This will be my third year of growing herbs. Each year I've done something a little different.

2009 I attempted a couple of things by seeds indoors. They didn't make it. I can't remember what happened exactly. It was my first try and didn't do much research or care for them very well. So I ended up buying some already started plants from Home Depot. They did well for a few weeks before my dog decided to destroy everything.

Last year I was much more successful. I purchased several started herbs from a vendor at the Cooper Young farmers market. I still have the parsley, thyme, and rosemary! I also purchased a few more started herbs, a pepper plant, and two tomato plants from Home Depot. I didn't get any tomatoes, but we did enjoy jalepeno peppers and fresh herbs all spring, summer, and into the fall.

I did have a few failures last year though. A co-worker gave me to established sage bushes and they died. I'm not sure why. My mint didn't thrive as well as the year before. And we didn't have any tomatoes that were large enough to eat.

I'm feeling more ambitious this year though. I had Bryan move our antique cotton cart to the side of the house and set it up as my potting station. After the past two years I have a menagerie of pots to choose from and am quite excited to see what happens this year.

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