Mar 15, 2011

Spring Seeds

I've attempted starting from seeds before with not much luck. But I'm determined to try it again this year. Armed with a little more knowledge, tools, and determination, I'm hoping that they make it this year.

From online vendors I've purchased in seed form: cilantro, basil, mint, parsley, and several varieties of tomatoes. I think I over bought on the tomatoes, but I'm determined to have some this year. I bought two different varieties of larger tomatoes and two varieties of cherry tomatoes. I adore cherry tomatoes and have heard its quite easy to grow them yourself.

So this past weekend I decided to plant my seeds. The instructions on the packets said to plant them before the last frost (I think we might have had our last one last week, but you never can tell with March in Memphis) and keep indoors in a sunny place. I'm hoping that our laundry room will produce enough light. However, since we are going to have some warm weather for the next few weeks I decided to experiment and a couple (basil, cilantro, and parsley) will have one pot indoors and one pot outdoors. If we do have a chilly night I can always bring them in for the night.

I planted one tomato variety and one packet of marigolds (I got those for free with an online order with Burbee). We'll see how it goes.

I am going to wait another couple of weeks to plant my other tomato seeds. I definately don't have room for those inside, even if it does get cold. I also ordered a few starter plants, but those haven't arrived yet. If we are successful with our seeds this year, we will have a ton of fresh herbs and vegetables all summer long!

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