Oct 4, 2016

Life Lately

It's been a little over a month since my last photo dump, so here's another! Ha, I know no one cares about these posts, but I adore looking back at past years posts and remembering what we were doing. So here goes...

Right before we left for our epic roadtrip Charlie got a plastic house! He adores it. My aunt sent it back from the beach with my parents. My cousins played with it when they were young. It's so sweet to see Charlie loving something they once loved. 

Charlie learned to play the kazoo. Yeah...

Fancy Charlie outside of church last week. 

He really loves his house.  He loves closing the door and all the windows. What is he doing in there? 

Sometimes, not all the time, he wants to be a big boy and do what we do. We cut some corn off the cob for him, but he was not interested. He insisted on eating it off the cob.  Super cute, but difficult for a child with only 7 teeth. He managed to take down a whole row though. 

I bought a stool for him. We have not determined if this was a good idea or bad idea. 

We started a six week music class at church with Charlie. Here he's making eyes at an older girl. This one is going to be trouble, I can tell already. 

Last Friday at the garden Charlie had a massive blowout and had to ride home in just a diaper. I love seeing all that baby skin. 

Charlie and my mom. 

This past Sunday we had a fall fest at our church. 

The weather has officially taken a fall turn, even though its 90 degrees today. I am so thankful for cooler morning and evenings. We've been having many meals on our patio.  Yay for fall! 

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