Sep 16, 2016

A Pep Talk

Sometimes do you find yourself having to give yourself a pep talk? That's what I've been doing the last day or two. Telling myself to get over it, put on your big girl panties, grow some balls, and deal with it.

We've had several friends move to our new part of town over the summer. It's been a great encouragement that not only are we doing the right thing, but I'm so excited to see how our families grow over the new few years. Several have taken on renovations prior to moving in or unpacking. We took a different approach and put all our things down and are now ready to think about paint and renovations.

I've styled up some surfaces, hung art, and moved furniture around. But in my mind I had our vacation as a big stopping point/starting point for the house design. I lost steam prior to the trip, but I knew after the trip it would be time to get in a few months work before holiday season set in. So the first full day back from vacation I called up our interior designer friend to ask him come over and help me pick out some paint colors. Only he's not decorating anymore. {Insert shocked and then sad emoji here.} I went into a tailspin. What was I going to do? Would I be able to find another designer who could so effortlessly pick colors? Some friends used a designer and they weren't happy. How smug I had been when I thought of mine and how they should have asked me for my designer. Ugh!!!!!!!!

And then part of me told the other part of me that was freaking out to shut up. I have always wanted to be an interior designer. (In fact, the designer who told me he was no longer designing convinced me not to pursue it. Life regret #1) I read countless design blogs, I subscribe to multiple design magazines, I practically live and breathe design. (Okay, well design and food.)  I can do this. I can pick some damn paint colors. Maybe I won't be able to pick them as quickly as he could, but come on! Fulfill your own damn fantasy and decorate your own damn house. (I apologize for all the damn's, I'm worked up.)

So, I'm going to try to be a big girl about this and do it myself. You are probably rolling your eyes right now, and if I weren't me I totally would be too. #justified.

I've decided to participate in the One Room Challenge next month. I'm not sure yet if I'll be doing my bedroom or the guest bedroom. Or the shed. The shed probably doesn't count as a room. It will be one of the bedrooms for sure. They will be painted the same color so they will be done simultaneously regardless. I just can't decide which one will get the brunt of my attention.

Anyways, that's probably more than you wanted to hear/read from my insane brain, but that's what's been going on. I'll have vacation pictures up soonish.

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