Apr 12, 2016

For Sale

Last Friday our house hit the market. We had tried for several weeks to avoid this and sell to people we knew. But that route didn't work out and we ended up listing. It took us about two weeks to declutter and get the yard in order, which in the grand scheme of things is not that long. We were exhausted, but we did it.


We had a few showings the Monday before listing so we had to get the house totally ready by then. Then we had a week to relax. Friday we had a showing and on Sunday we had 8! (We didn't do any showings on Saturday due to Crawfish Festival.)

Sunday night we had 3 offers and at least two more interested parties. By the abounding grace of God we ended up getting over our asking price! I am still bewildered at how quickly and generous the whole offering process went. We are so fortunate!

But now we have to find a house. The market is so competitve and we are nervous and scared. There have been several houses that we wanted to put an offer on but they were already working an offer. Sad trombone.

So that's where we are. We have a closing date of May 27th. Inspection is on Saturday and I'm praying for a good report and a good appraisal coming up.

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