Dec 18, 2015

LuniTECTs Tour: Chisca Re-Visit

Last week we met with our LuniTECTs group through the Memphis AIA. We've been a part of this group for over five years and absolutely love it. 

We toured Hotel Chisca in it's beginning construction stages last October. With one half of the building complete and the other half nearing completion it was fun to go back and see the progress. 

Above is a one bedroom apartment on the first floor of the original building. There were windows on two walls. The stairs lead to a loft like bedroom above the kitchen area. 

From the second floor terrace. There was a worker in that top center window and I was trying to capture it, but stupid iPhone camera couldn't handle such an artsy photo. Oh well. 

I didn't take any pictures in the newer side which is already complete and has some tenants. The project looks well done and I'm excited about the restaurants going in the first floor retail spaces. Yay for having another empty building revitalized! 

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