Nov 4, 2015

Zoo Boo 2015

This year we were given free tickets to the Zoo Boo held at our Memphis Zoo. We were excited to have something Halloween-y that we could do with Charlie. Although to be honest, he didn't really enjoy it. Well, anymore than he would have any normal stroll through the zoo. He didn't enjoy being in his costume and made his carseat and stroller a little snugger than normal.

Not amused by the singing pumpkins.

Bryan danced around and acted like a bird and finally got this kid to smiling.

One thing he did seem to enjoy was the hay ride! I'm so glad we got him out and did this. It wasn't long and since we were early we didn't have to wait in line. He enjoyed moving, being out of his seat, and seeing things.

I take him to our zoo about once every week or two. He's not at a point where he can enjoy it because most of the animals are out of his range of sight. I'll occassionally get him out of the stroller and try to point something out to him, which sometimes he seems to get, but most of the time, not so much. Its probably just an age related thing. I'll give it another six to nine months.

Bryan and I were super thankful that we got to go and experience it. We are prepared for future years. There are crafts, activities, fun decorations, and trick or treating stations. Charlie was definitely too young to enjoy it this year, but I can see him loving it in the next year or two.

We arrived at the start and were able to skip lines. As we were leaving an hour later we noticed some really long lines for the train and candy stations.

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