Aug 17, 2013

A Day with Vieve

This year we decided instead of presents that they probably don't want, need, or even like that we'd rather spend some one-on-one time with our nieces. So we set up dates and our first one was July 28th with Vieve. (I've been meaning to get the photos off my camera for a few weeks now. Sorry this is a little late.)

We took her to lunch at Hog and Hominy after church. She was super nervous to find out if it was kid friendly. But once we were inside and she found the secret door to the back patio I think it was cool.

We went to the Pink Palace museum for our first acitivity. I haven't been since I was in 6th grade so it was fun for me to go back.

After the museum we went to check out the newly completed playground at Overton Park.

It was pretty awesome.

We made pickle popsicles. Bryan and I were not impressed.

But Vieve loved them and that's all that really matters.

We finished up with dinner at Central BBQ for some real Memphis ribs.

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