Jun 25, 2013

Weekend Projects

Bryan thinks that we are getting old. Working on projects for fun that aren't necessary. I think it's awesome.

Saturday I went to the fabric store and attempted sewing on my own. I sewed one and a half napkins before I broke it. Okay, so I didn't break it, I just ran into trouble when winding the bobbin. I have been reassured it is not permanently broke.

Last week Bryan brought home a small pallet from Breakaway that a display came on. He wanted to make a vertical planter out of it.

We filled it with herbs and flowers. So far it's still up after 24 hours.

Sunday morning I made biscuits. I don't have a biscuit cutter and have little patience for rolling things our and flouring surfaces, so they were drop biscuits.

I've never been a big fan of biscuits, but I heard a story via podcast on biscuits and since then have been wanting to make some. We woke up with plenty of time Sunday morning for such a thing and I mustered up enough courage to make them.

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