Sep 24, 2012


Bryan and I got iPhones a week and a half ago. Since I received said iPhone, I downloaded the Instagram app and have been somewhat addicted.

I thought I would do a weekly recap of the week's worth of photos. We'll see how long that lasts. Until then,here's last week...

Breakfast of champions. Leftover taco pizza.

Dinner at my parent's house in honor of September birthdays. It was almost like Christmas dinner.

My mug and my favorite dish at Bosco's.

Tigger is in this phase in which he's obsessed with wanting to go outside.

I had a lunch date with a Twitter friend and when I got back to my car I saw someone had broken in and left me something.

Here are the flowers in my office at work.

One had fully opened the next day at work.


A Mamie Taylor at the Majestic. I love their patio in nice weather.

A different sausage and cheese plate.

Lunch on the patio.

The first fire of fall!

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