May 31, 2012

Backyard Plans

This weekend we began to make steps toward putting the backyard plan into action.

We won a professionally landscaped design for our yard at the Hands of Hope Auction in March. In April we received our plan. At the end of May we're putting into action.

Here's the before:

Here's our plan of action:

- Pull out two purple plants on the left hand side along the fence. (The plan calls for saving these, but these particular two are much too large, so we're pulling these and will move the smaller ones.)

- Clearing out one or both rows of monkey grass.

- Collecting the slate rocks along the old pathways.

- Pulling up the beams and railroad ties. (The smaller beams are screwed and nailed to each other, which makes it more complicated than it originally looked.)

- Clearing out the grass, weeds, etc from the future garden space and put down some weed cloth.

- Plan out garden space.

This is our plan for now. Further down the road we move plants, purchase and plant new one and clean out the beds.

The short term goal is to get the garden ready for fall plantings.

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