Apr 2, 2012

Life Recently

Bryan and I have had to make some grown up decisions lately. Life has not been easy these last few weeks. Its easy to focus on the negative and how rough things are sometimes, so today I want to take some time to focus on the positive and what we have to look forward to.

- Upcoming trip to New Orleans. We love love love New Orleans, but this trip will be one of our most interesting. Both sets of parents and my brother will be accompanying us. I'm excited about seeing my favorite city through their eyes this time. And showing off a few of our favorite places. And let's face it, drinking and eating myself silly.

- Spring plantings. I've planted a couple of new-to-me plants this spring. I'm excited to see what happens as they grow and hopefully enjoy some fresh veggies this summer. In addition, I won two hours of landscape design time. I met with the designer this week and should receive a professionally done plan just for me and my yard. I can't wait to see what she comes up with and see how we can improve our little yard.

- Bosco. Our toughest decision is in regards to her. I'm not ready to really talk about it much. But I want to enjoy each and every step, spring, nuzzle, cuddle, and kiss. She will always be my first baby and I want to remember and cherish every single moment I have with her.

- Mustaches! Bryan surprised me yesterday by shaving his beard into a mustache. Its a reminder to not take everything so serious. A little cheese is good for you.

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