Oct 23, 2011

An October Saturday

Since I mainly use this blog to look back at our lives, I thought I'd recount our day yesterday.

We slept in, Bryan didn't get up to run, I can't remember why now. We got up and had coffee and watched two episodes of Scrubs.

After showers we headed to the downtown farmer's market and bought pumpkins from a local seller. So much cheaper AND prettier than the ones I got from the Midtown Nursery last year. 4 decent sized pumpkins = $18. We stopped by the adopt-a-pet area and held a sweet puppy who gave lots of kisses.

Riverarts Festival is going on, so we walked down South Main towards downtown. We went to South of Beale for lunch because I skipped breakfast and was hungry. We had a lovely meal on the patio with beers. When we were sustained we walked back down South Main and enjoyed the festival for a while.

Back in the car, we drove down to South Front Antiques. We are working on the front patio and wanting to make a little barrier on the one side of old windows. We scavenged and haggled and got two old windows.

Back at the house I taped out the approximate size of the area we'd like to put the windows in and I placed them. Then Bosco walked on them and broke two panes of glass. Ooops. It will add to the weathered look we are going for.

After cleaning up the glass we then decided to head to Home Depot to look for ideas for the laundry room shelf I want built. All we came up with was L brackets. Back at the house, though, Bryan figured out that we have two pieces of wood that would work, we just need them cut down to size. Sweet!

We walked over to Sherwin Williams since they were having a sale and bought two gallons of paint for trim and cabinets. Not looking forward to using it.

For dinner we had left overs and then watched Funny Farm. It was not too funny. Oh well.

It was a busy day, but it was nice to spend the day together exploring, decorating, and getting things done.

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